Cattle on Feed Report
7/19 2:14 PM

OMAHA (DTN) -- The July 1 Cattle on Feed report should be viewed as neutral to slightly bearish, according to DTN Livestock Analyst Rick Kment.

With total cattle on feed July 1 was 11.5 million head. This is a 2% increase from year ago levels, but generally in line with pre-report expectations, according to Kment.

Total placements of cattle in June fell 2% from year ago levels at 1.69 million head. This is 1% above the average market estimate seen earlier in the week, Kment said.

"Limited market direction is expected early next week as traders will first be able to trade on feed numbers Monday morning," Kment said.

"Results of the semi-annual cattle report, also released Friday, showed unchanged levels from a year ago," he added.


DTN subscribers can view the full Cattle on Feed report in the Livestock Archives folder under the Markets menu. The report is also available at https://www.nass.usda.gov.

USDA Actual Average Guess Range
On Feed July 1 102.0% 101.8% 100.9-103.2%
Placed in June .98.0% 97.7% 93.2-105.7%
Marketed in June .97.0% 95.8% 95.8- 98.3%


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