How to Create a Username & Password

1.    Create an account on the cash bid page of our Web site at: 

2.    Click, “click here to request a username and password.”
How to Make an Offer

1.   Select a location

2.   View cash bids and click “make offer” next to the price and delivery period that you would like to sell grain or purchase feedstuffs.
3.    Read, then approve the posted disclaimer by clicking “continue.”
4.    Select type of offer you would like to make.
5.    Type in your quantity, as well as price if you are offering higher than the posted price.
6.    Your offer is set to automatically expire in seven days, but can be changed to one day or to the end of delivery period (the offer will expire if no action is made within the selected time frame).
7.    Read and approve any terms and conditions by checking the box in the lower left corner.
8.    Click the “submit for confirmation” button.
9.    Double check your offer, then click “finalize offer.”
10.    Click “close window” after the offer ID# appears — we will be instantly notified of your offer.
11.   You will receive an e-mail confirming your posted offer.

How to View Your Account Online

1.    Scroll to the cash bids.
2.    Become familiar with the status symbol and offer type legends.
3.    When we acknowledge your offer, the status of your offer will reflect the current status. You will receive an e-mail confirming the new status.
4.    Click on the offer ID# to view the history of your offers.
5.    Withdraw open offers by clicking the down arrow box to the right of the offer.
6.    Additional customer support is available by clicking “help”, located above the login box.
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