About Our Bids

Grain bids are good and firm only for the moment that they are stated. Bids are subject to change and are firm only when a contract is made between a seller and GLG. Customers are advised to check with their branch location for up to date information.
Grain pricing is done over the electronic trade (E-trade).  E-trade hours of operation:
10:30am through 2:15pm and 7:00pm through 8:15am.
Futures Prices on our Web site at 10 minute delayed
Grain prices at all facilities will be a function of the best bid available, transportation differential between locations and the market destination. Therefore, the bid price for commodities may differ between locations.
The cash bid for the current delivery month is for both new deliveries or farm direct sales and for grain previously delivered also called “In Store” grain.
Forward pricing (future period) bids are for grain stored on farm or new crop to be delivered in the future period and are for truck load quantities (36 Tonne Minimum)
Farm Direct bids are based on the closest location to the origin.
Processor Direct bids are based on grain delivered to the processor location. You must meet the criteria for delivery.
Settlements for grain will be made the day following the completion of delivery provided all delivery information has been supplied to GLG. Sellers should notify their local branch location to request or follow up on payments.
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